Dry Snuff
a.k.a.: Nasal Snuff

Last update 30 Nov., 2011

The Bernard Snuffer

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Bernard Tobacco

For the sake of clarity let me state once again that I am talking about DRY snuff -- not Skol, Copenhagen or any of the other spit snuffs! Spit snuff contains chemicals that can damage your nose!



ISTA is the International Snuff Takers Association.

ISTA intends to be a loosely organized campaign whose main purpose is to promote nasal snuff, to "snuff out" the myth that nasal snuff is a predominant cause of cancer, to inform the public of what a safe and inexpensive alternative snuff is to cigarettes and any other issues that may arise as time goes by.

The idea originated and has been developed under the auspices of snuffhouse.org.

The best way we could think of to be a "card carrying member" was with ISTA snuff boxes. Mr. Snuff has agreed to have the snuff boxes made (along with some of his other nice laser engraved snuff boxes) but he needs to be sure that he can sell 30 of them in order to break even. See some of Mr. Snuff's laser engraved snuff boxes here.

Personally, I think that ISTA is a great idea and I already have my order in.

See my site  (all of it)

I had blocked eustachian tubes for more than 6 months! I tried decongestants, Flonase and numerous other medications. My GP and my Ear, Nose & Throat specialist were unable to do a thing about it.

I went down to Memphis, Tennessee for a marriage a while back. While there I saw some Garrett Sweet Mild Snuff. I bought it for a lark just to find out about that snuff stuff that people down south use. WITHIN 24 HOURS my eustachian tubes were unplugged! I now call dry snuff my "therapeutic vice."

I have scoured the internet from the American Cancer Society to the World Health Organization looking for information about dry snuff and cancer. The only negative report I have been able to find about dry snuff is a flyer written by Dr. John Hill in 1761. He later recanted his report and said that he had written it because he was pissed off at his local tobacconist! My interactive sources of information are:

The Yahoo Snuff Box - Nasal Snuff group

(You have to sign up with Yahoo to gain access to Yahoo groups.)

The "recognized authority" on the net when it comes to snuff is:

Snuffs & Snuff Taking

A veritable warehouse of information is Gallaher Group Plc.

I have just discovered the wonderful world of Indian Snuff!

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Dolakia Snuff

Here are some links that I have found about snuff and manufacturers of snuff. If you land on a main/home page, click on the snuff option, They are not prioritized, only in alphabetical order.

A Brief History of Snuff
A Quick History
All About Snuff and Snuff Taking
Alldaut Indian Snuff
Conwood Sales Co., L.P.
A Farewell to Tobacco and a Pinch of Snuff (.pdf file)
Fredrick Tranter
International Chinese Snuff Bottle Society
IPCO Creamy Snuff
Make your own snuff
Masonic Snuff Boxes (Phoenix Masonic Museum)
McChrystals Ltd.
On Sniffing Snuff (from IndiaNest.com - a .pdf file)
Pöschl Snuff
The Pöschl Story (all about snuff)
Samuel Gawith & Co. Ltd.
Sheffield Exchange
S. Scott Powers (snuff items)
Snuff Bottle Store
Snuff Bottles (from the Brunnier Art Museum)
Snuff in the Senate
Snuff Tobacco UK
Snuff Windmills of Holland
The Seven Rules of Taking Snuff

Where to get it!

Ever since the enactment of the Pact Act, online sellers have discontinued selling products due to the hastle of having to provide tobacco taxes to the resident state of the customer.

Sorry... All of us in the USA now need to purchase our snuff from overseas unless you walk into a store and buy it there.

All locations are in the USA unless otherwise indicated.

Snuff Automat

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Gebr. Bernard Schnupftabakfabrik (Germany) - snuff bottles too!
EstatePipes  (Germany)
Greens of Leeds (England)
McGahey the Tobacconist (England)
Mr. Snuff see note
Schönberger (Germany)
Snuff Shop
Snuff Store (UK)
Snuff Supermarket (UK)
Toque Tobacco (Scotland)
Wesleys (South Africa)

Mr. Snuff sells non-tobacco items from within the USA.
All tobacco purchases are processed and shipped from their franchise in the UK.


One of England's top snuff authorities relates the following:

The Rev Obadiah Shadrack (b 1721 d 1745) found his house on fire and rushed out only to rush back realising he had left his snuffbox in his house. He was reduced to a cinder, though his snuffbox survived....

In 1842 Ermyntrude Wiggins aged 45 was brutally battered to death in Liverpool, England, by her fiance Mr. Toby Gumble, because she offered him a pinch of snuff which caused him to sneeze. He was acquitted of murder on the grounds that he had been provoked...

SS. Obergruppenfuhrer Hans Scheiss (spying in England in 1941 under the false name Harry Shite) sent an urgent message to Poschl in Bavaria asking for a supply of snuff to be be delivered to him via Lisbon. This was intercepted by MI6, as a result of which he was discovered and shot in the Tower of London...

An American authority who's ancestor fell off of the Mayflower in 1620 relates:

On October 19, 1864 twenty Confederate cavalrymen rode down out of Canada and took over the town of St. Albans, Vermont in the northernmost battle of the Civil War. After robbing all three local banks the soldiers stopped at the general store in order to replenish their low snuff supply before making the long ride back to Canada. Upon finding that the store did not carry snuff, they burned it to the ground before making off with over $200,000...

Nicky the Nose (a snuff peddler from England) writes:

I knew of one man who gave up smoking cold turkey and turned down an ounce of snuff to act as nicotine replacement therapy, he couldn't handle it at all. He turned to drink, lost his job and his friends and got very unwell, physically and mentally as a result of drinking and turning down snuff.

The 5-S

There is a very old international secret society known as "The 5-S." It's roots in North America appear to go back to the immigration of the Hugonaughts. Very little is known about The 5-S except for the fact that it is international in scope and has members all over the world.

Snuff Lore Links

A Pinch of Snuff  By: I.L. Pretz (from JHOM)