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Last Update: 11 March, 1999


I'm the mom of a 27 year old daughter who recieved the vns implant onJan.15,99. Its been activated since Jan.26. This past month has been very exciting.

Gina has complex partial, complex absence and drop seizures. Her seizures have definately improved. I'm in awe as I type because its hard for me to even believe that I have good news to share. I need to pinch myself every now and then to realize that this is real life and not just a dream.

I'll give you a general idea of her overall improvement. Before the vns, about 70% of her waking hours she was having complexpartial szs.Now, maybe 30%. Her drop szs went from about 10 a day to about 2-3. As farasalertness, on a scale of 1-10, she used to be at about a 2-3. Now, maybe,7.I just realized I used the wording "she used to". I just cant believe Imwriting about the past and that its not the present. This "new and improvedGina" is really new to us. It's like a small ressurrection. Her vns settings are every 5 min. for 30 seconds at 1.25 ( is thatmiliamps?I'ts 1.25 something.)

Anyway, I started reading your log a couple ofmonthsago. During your wait I had someone to wait with. I felt for all yourfrustations along the way. Especially all the waitng!! As exciting as thevnsimprovement is for us, I'm quickly reminded about once a week, how bad herseizures are. For the most part of today, she has had lots of complexabsenseand drop szs. But thats ok. For a change, her good days far out number herrough ones. Almost all of her days before were really bad. And who knows,maybe the next vns setting will do some more good. My husband, myself andGina are looking so forward to the VNS journey. It seems that we have alottolook forward to.

One thing for sure, we have so much to be thankful for.Because of the big improvement so far, we now have reason to have a hugerayof hope here. We certainly wish for you to have an exciting road as well.

Barbara (Ginas Mom)

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