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Last Update: 29 March, 2000

 Starting from the top...when i was 13 months old, i started having seizures. The doctors feared that i might have contracted meningitis, but after a few weeks the seizures just stopped. All was well with the world of Kyle until.....
Around age 12 (circa 1986) i had a grand mal, and was placed in PICU for quite some time. Soon after dozens of tests, i was diagnosed with epilepsy at Scott & White Hospital ... Temple, TX. My seizures at that time consisted my neck to constrict and my head to violently jerk to my right - hand side. I was only having the seizures 1-3 times a day after being over-medicated (Doctors are good at that). I don't remember too much during this time...

When I was 14 my father had passed away from complications after his 3rd brain surgery to try and remove a malignant brain tumor. I guess the shock had a massive effect on my seizures. I do remember the first time my dad had a severe grand mal seizure and the only thing i could do was watch. even if i was only a young boy, i never felt so helpless. i know knew how he felt when i would have a seizure. After his death, between my anger of his death and my anger of seizures, i fell hard into depression with a severe anger problem. I was admitted to a mental health facility in Austin, TX for about 2 months. The antidepressants and the seizure medication made a slight difference in how i felt, but not nearly enough. We moved to San Antonio, TX from a little backwood town in central Texas. Moving to San Antonio had an effect on my seizures, they started to increase in frequency and actually changed. From the violent twitching i started to lose some motor skills on my left side (slapping of my arm against my chest or the hard tapping of my left foot) as well starting to yell and repeat sentences. They changed my seizure meds and i went back into depression.

i was admitted to another mental health facility and spent the second half of my freshman year there. i met a doctor there all though he wasn't a neurologist to this day he has supported me and family through all my medical decisions regarding my seizure disorder. After my "stay", i felt a lot better about myself and really finally accepted my disorder. After more medication changes my seizures changed again... now my seizures occurred really only when i slept. This naturally effected my sleep habits, which in turn ... no sleep, you have seizures. So i fell once again into depression because of my disgust with the way i was living.

I voluntarily agreed to live at a boys ranch in the beautiful Texas hill country. I went to a small high school that was probably about the same size as where i lived before coming to San Antonio. i played high school baseball, made varsity team and co-captain in my one and only season there. i was feeling great about myself, my seizures seemed to be under control, and i finally learned to control and how to properly vent my anger. i spent my entire sophomore year there. Honestly i didn't want to leave, but i missed my family and decided to go back to the city and give it all i got. i held a job at a major shoe store, was cleared by my neurologist to drive, applied for and received a driver's license. i got a car, had friends, had a church family, a girlfriend, and i wasn't angry at my disorder. I graduated high school on time (1994) from Winston Churchill High in San Antonio. i was ready for college, so i thought.

i had already been accepted to Mary-Hardin Baylor in Belton, TX... I was ready until my seizures changed again. I started having my seizures more frequently and started to fall down when i had one. That sealed off going to college for me. i wasn't about to move off some 5-6 hours away from my doc. So i didn't go to mary-hardin baylor, instead i started going to San Antonio college, a local junior college. After a couple of semesters of failing grades other than p.e. classes, i stopped going and haven't returned since.

Then i started falling back into depression. After being hit from behind in my truck, DPS decided that i shouldn't be driving and took my license away. i haven't drove since. i was "pissed", i felt my vehicle was the pinnacle of my seizure control. i have been on and off with light depression phases since.

the seizures changed again, now if i have a seizure it right when i wake up wether it is a nap or in the morning. but these haven't been "bad" i mean the seizures aren't as intense. So that leads us to doctor feels that medication after these years has "fried" my brain. So he recommended the VNS since i am not a candidate for surgery. Naturally i am nervous, but i have run out of options. Sorry to bore you so i guess i will let you go. my basics are below......


Numerous MRI's, CT's, EEG's, Sleep Studies, blood labs, dilantin pushes in the ER,

Present..... Scheduled to have VNS placed on April 5,2000 at University Hospital in San Antonio, TX

I appreciate you taking the time to read this...if you have any questions mail me and will reply as soon as possible.

If you want an update on my condition just ask

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