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Last Update: 31 August, 2000

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Hi, my name is Mike S., 27 yrs.of age and I received the VNS in Feb. or "98", at Shands Hospital in Gainesville, FL., I live in Daytona Beach, FL.

At the time, I was taking 1600mg Tegretol, 5600mg Felbamate, 3000mg Depakote, 7.5 tranzene. I was taken off of all and put on lamictal 800 mg.

Finally I was not so druged and slow. After the implant, I noticed that my magnet worked on auras, blurred vision, toxcic responses and just about anything regarding seizures. I also put my magnet on a watch band and wear it on my wrist at all times. By wearing it, I just reach across my chest in one quick movement and activate my implant when I need it. No one ever notices.

My seizure activity has gone from about 50 seizures a month to almost none.( my last seizure breakthrough was the first of June) The device is aborting the seizures within the timing set. I also believe that the more seizures that are aborted, the fewer seizures I have. Meaning, my brain is at ease and not as active as it was.

I am a cartoonist/artist/puzzel maker and publish my own books. As far as I am concerned, this VNS is the greatest thing since ice cream. Yes, I also call it a "MIRACLE", at least it has been for me.

Mike S. or "Maze Master Mike"

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